I don’t know where this dream started, but the setting is some rural area, almost like a farming community with big fields, dirt roads. At some point there are these two pairs of bears which I am sure were grizzlies as I could see the large shoulder humps and their huge size. I was in a field or something and was trying to get away from them and I seem to recall not wanting the one pair, to see the other pair in case they started to fight. I came across this tall chain link fence and managed to climb over it.

I then seem to have some papers in my hands that I had to get to someone and I was now with two other people, one of them was my friend Lorna who had on a blue and white summer skirt. I think we were all still trying to get away from these bears but we got to this vehicle which looked like one of those European mini-buses but this one was also blue and had a lift kit so when Lorna was trying to get in, the floor of the van was around neck-height to her and so she had to jump in on her belly, with her legs sticking out of the van as she wriggled in and then got up on one of the back seats. I don’t recall who was driving, but I was sitting in the front passenger seat as we were driving down this steep gravel road. Half way down the hill we passed both pairs of bears and I recall feeling anxious as the driver had to swerve to avoid them. The bears were so large I was worried that hitting one of them would just total the van and piss off the bear.

As we were going along this gravel road, I seem to recall a bunch of bikers and somehow I knew they were going to some sort of party in this large warehouse-like building. As we got closer to this building I noticed one of the bikers getting of his bike and jumping up to this vent or something which was at the bottom of a large sign in front of the place. It was some sort of secret button or latch which opened the door to the warehouse. I recall thinking to myself, “ok, now I know how to get in”.

The next thing I remember was I was inside and there were all these bikers and other people. But it was also an unfinished room with fresh drywall that needed to be sanded. There was some sort of transition to where I was now a worker, maybe a painter or drywaller in this room and I was emptying my pockets of all these spackle knives. Another fuzzy transition and I was sitting at a bar, which I think was still part of this warehouse and there were many people I did not know….it might have been all the bikers again. Suddenly Lorna was sitting next to me at the corner of the bar as the bartenders changed. I recall wondering if the previous bartender passed on my order to the new bartender so Lorna would get a beer.

I was then outside the building which was now more like a wooden house, with vertical siding, in a subdivision. As I was coming out I ran into someone, I don’t recall or recognize and it’s as if we were changing shifts or something because he was going in to finish what I started, whatever that was. Apparently I left a small black camera near the bar and instructed this mystery person as to where the camera was as I started to walk away from the house and head back down this gravel road. My tablet alarm then woke me at this point.