“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.
(John Lennon)

Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.
(Marsha Norman)

I was walking along some sort of wall or tall stack of books along my right which were acting sort of like a railing. Bonny was walking along the top of this tall wall/rack and we were already up high, maybe on a second floor or something in this building, or maybe some sort of warehouse. I am not sure if I was holding one, or both of her hands but Bonny suddenly leaned away from me and either my hand let go, or her hand let go, but she was suddenly falling to the ground. As I leaned over this wall, my guts felt like they were about to explode out from my body, I was screaming and leaning over this wall and watched intensely as Bonny fell all the way to the concrete floor below. It was like one of those slow-motion movie shots where the person is falling backwards, lookup towards you and getting smaller and smaller as they plummet to the ground. I watched her fall for what seemed like minutes, but was more like seconds. I watched as Bonny hit the concrete floor below and I heard a dull “thud” when she actually hit the ground, facing up. In the dream I recall thinking “I did not see any blood, no body parts crumple or break so maybe she is ok”. The total height of the stack of books, or the wall and the distance to the ground must have been around 100-120 feet or so.

I was then in this room, almost like a shop lunch room or something and it was filled with people who I think were eating and on along one wall were these tall, ceiling to floor windows which looked out into another area of this shop or warehouse. I was yelling as hard as I could “CALL AN AMBULANCE! CALL AN AMBULANCE!” but nobody was listening, everyone was carrying on eating as if I was not even there. I then started banging on the glass to break it in order to get their attention but the glass was too hard. I started hitting it with something that was in my hand, I don’t know what it was but I still could not break the glass and whatever was in my hand was just bouncing off. I then noticed a shopping cart across the room and ran over, picked up the cart and started running towards the glass wall/window with the cart raised over my head. I smashed the shopping cart through the glass with all my strength and the glass just exploded all over the floor on the other side as the metal cart just crashed and clanged onto the grey concrete floor. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing, stopped eating and looked over at me and I yelled again “SOMEONE PLEASE CALL AN AMBULANCE NOW!”.

I was then on the ground floor of what seemed like an empty warehouse with a grey concrete floor. I could see Bonny was across the room near the far wall. But she was now laying on her stomach and I carefully kneeled down next to her and the emotions were just overwhelming inside me, I was crying, sobbing, shaking as I slowly moved my head close to Bonny’s with my left hand on her back and moved my head close to her face, which looked fine except for a small amount of blood coming out of her mouth. I whispered as best I could as my body was shaking, almost convulsing with anguish, sorrow…..”are you alight my love, are you ok?”. I don’t think Bonny answered me and I don’t know if I noticed her eyes open or not.

The next image/scene was of Bonny still laying on her stomach on this grey concrete floor (same place, same floor) with her left hand/arm propping her head up and in her right hand was her Kindle with the light on. I don’t know if the ambulance had come, or if a short, or long time had passed. But I do recall that the anguish, the emotional upheaval in my body at the sense of loss thinking that Bonny had died in the fall, were now completely gone. I was actually feeling relief but something did not seem right about the time frame. One moment she was clearly hurt laying on this concrete floor, and then she was ok and reading. Yet, she was still in the sample place, on the grey floor, in the same spot.

There was a transition in the dream and I was now driving some car, or maybe it was my Jeep  Bonny was in the passenger seat and some other woman was in the back. I was feeling happy and I even think it was a sunny day. As I was driving up this hill which was a sort of on-ramp to a highway above, I seem to recall asking Bonny some question about how long she was hurt or something to that effect which prompted her to look over her shoulder at the woman in the back seat. They both mumbled something and the expressions on their faces, and the way they were acting told me they had something to say. Bonny then told me she was hurt for 6 months……I think she may have even said she was in the hospital for 6 months or something to that effect. I then broke down (again) shaking, crying….just overwhelmed as if I was surprised or disappointed to learn that Bonny did not just magically recover from the fall. That she did not instantly heal or that all the hurt, all the pain from the fall didn’t just magically disappear. Instead, I was realizing that she did suffer from the fall. She was seriously injured and was in a hospital recovering for 6 months. But in the dream I somehow also knew that I had been with her the whole time, was by her bedside every day. But for some reason, now that it was all over, the memories of the long painful recovery and the 6 lost months of my life, were just forgotten. I distinctly recall the sense or thought in my mind as being something like “I lost 6 months of my life, just gone in the blink of an eye”. I was crying and shaking so hard I could not drive and the woman in the back seat put her hand on my right shoulder and told me to pull over. As I was pulling over to the side of this highway on-ramp, with the sun shining and blue skies, my Kindle alarm went off. It was 06:00am. When I awoke, I was still feeling tense, emotional, and I quickly looked over to my right to make sure Bonny was there. Bonny was laying on her right side and I could see her bare shoulder peeking out from the blankets. Soft snoring…..she is fine.