All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.
(Edgar Allan Poe)

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”
(Sigmund Freud)

I don’t recall the earlier parts of this dream last night, but I am sitting at a table with someone who is asking me to listen to this song by Nickelback and as the music starts, the person sitting across from me is clearly disappointed and points outside a window to this large stone or concrete sign which is in front of this building, which I think is a hospital. There is a name on the block, presumably of the hospital and an address with numbers and the street is 17th Ave. The person sitting across from me is complaining and criticizing the song because apparently the lyrics are about the same place, the hospital or whatever that building was with the stone/concrete sign out front, but instead of singing “17th Ave”, they are saying/singing “17th Street” and for some reason this person is not pleased about that. I got the sense in the dream that this person had hired, or was about to hire Nickelback to sing and he was complaining as if he was not getting what he paid for or something.

I was then seated on this couch I think, with the same person and we were looking outside a window where there was a large open grass field as far as you could see. Off to the right it looked like it was the same building I was in front of earlier, but much further away now. Off to my left there was some sort of building or house under construction and in between the buildings, and walking along a path or road which cut through the grass field, was (an ex US President – EUP) and some young child, maybe a young girl, walking with him. Actually it was more like they were playing, bouncing in their steps, holding hands. Sort of like a father and child or grandfather and grandchild. Clearly EUP knew, and was close to or related to this young child. I don’t actually recall seeing his face, but in the dream I knew it was him. At one point I recall “thinking” in the dream that it was strange there was nobody else around, no security around this ex-president. I then thought to myself “someone could shoot the EUP and it would be so easy since he is out in the open and nobody is around protecting him”. I recall looking over at the person sitting next to me on this couch, as we were both seated sort of sideways, facing each other while also looking out the window. I said to him “I won’t share my exact thoughts with you, but where is EUP’s security? Don’t all ex-presidents get Secret Service for life?” I don’t think he answered me. As we were talking and looking outside, EUP was now closer to the house under construction and still playing with the young child, who was clearly a relative or maybe grandchild of EUP. They were clearly having a great time and EUP was playing and acting more like a child himself, than an older father or grandparent. I recall feeling pleased, warmed over, at how happy they both looked and how much fun they were having.

I then woke at the sound of my Tablet alarm. One of my first thoughts when I woke was about how strange it was to be “thinking” in my dream while in a conversation with someone else in the same dream. There was clearly the dream-state consciousness where I was engaged with this other “dream” person. Yet, I also or still had my own private internal thoughts distinct from the thoughts and conversation I was having with this other person. I was thinking about the multiple levels of consciousness starting with my waking consciousness, dream-state consciousness and this “other” sort of consciousness within the dream-state consciousness, which were my “internal” thoughts of the dream state person/consciousness. It actually reminded me of the time I woke up chest-deep in Rice Lake in North Vancouver while in the midst of a vivid acid (I think) induced hallucination. You know how if you walk slowly into the water and as the water slowly gets deeper and deeper, your body starts getting lighter and lighter until, somewhere around the point where the water gets chest to neck deep, your feet will leave the ground as your body begins to float. Well, I was in a hallucination, about what I don’t recall, but I “awoke” from this hallucination in the dark of night, nearly neck-deep walking into Rice Lake which was about 5 km from my house and I would have had to jump over a couple of chain link fences at the Pipe Bridge and make it through long trails which went behind the guard-shack near the entrance to the lake. Rice Lake was still a watershed back then and not accessible to the public. My first realization when I awoke from the hallucination was that I was in Rice Lake. I had been there many times before and there was a gun range (PSA) nearby where I used to shoot and where I did well enough to be invited to shoot in the Canada Summer Games in 1976, or maybe it was an invite for 1977. Anyway, since I knew instantly where I was, this helped to alleviate some of the anxiety, the fear over “what the heck was I about to do”. “What exactly was I hallucinating when I headed into the lake?” As I walked slowly backwards towards the shore, I sat down in the sand along the edge of the lake and looked out across the water and started thinking. Even though I had no real understanding of human consciousness or psychology, other than the peculiar hallucinations of a 16 year old on acid or mushrooms, I was bewildered about what had just happened. Not so much for the potential danger, or how I made it out there in the dark so far from my home. Rather, I recall wondering about what exactly was it which “kicked in” at just the right point in my “ultimately doomed-to-fail walking on water” episode, which said (there were no words, I just awoke) “hey stupid, wake the hell up or you are going to drown!”. I knew I had this “normal” waking state or consciousness and of course I was familiar with the “hallucinating” or “altered” states of consciousness, but what exactly was this “other” thing. This “other” state of consciousness, almost like an observer watching, monitoring the rest of my consciousness and even my external surroundings, which somehow intervened at just the right moment as the water was moving up to my neck and I would have “bobbed” as my feet came off the ground? I distinctly recall sitting there, cold and shivering in the dark along the shore of Rice Lake, wondering, confused, maybe even intrigued at these strange, interacting yet separate or distinct states of my own mind and consciousness.

When I wonder about this “thinking” part of my dream character, a level of consciousness which was “internal” or deeper than my dreaming state, my dreaming “person”, it reminds me of whatever state of mind was aware of, “watching” or monitoring, what the rest of my mind was doing while slowly walking into Rice Lake hallucinating about something else, some place else. The human mind is certainly the most complicated, interesting thing I “know” in the Universe!