All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.
(Edgar Allan Poe)

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”
(Sigmund Freud)

Earlier in the dream I was on a train and some guy, whom I don’t recognize, was reading some book on drugs and said something about it being a good book and so I thumbed through it and was going through the index looking for ayahuasca. Somehow we were both then inside the bathroom of this train. It was narrow, I had my back facing the direction the train was going and to my left was a small bench which faced outside the opposite window and I could see the tress and scenery going by. The “guy” was in front of my, standing in front of the bathroom door and hunched over blowing cigarette smoke into the cabinet under a small sink. I recall looking up and noticing a smoke detector thinking that any second now its going to go off.

There was a knock at the bathroom door and this woman, also whom I did not recognize, wanted to use the bathroom. I recall “thinking” in the dream that I bet she must be wondering what the two of us were doing in the bathroom together. After we got out of the bathroom and the woman squeezed by us to get in, I was laying across some sort of lounging chair or maybe it was a mattress, talking with the guy with the book.

The dream then changed and the person was now Art and we were in some sort of mall, parts of which sort of looked a bit familiar and at some point earlier in the dream I must have been given a new bank card. It was not plastic and was made out of paper and since Art and I were on our way to a movie, we needed to find a bank machine so I could get some money. The first machine we went to was strange looking. It looked like old 1950’s Terry Gilliam sort of “technology” and was wider than normal and numerous slots and trays which made it confusing as to where I place the card. I tried in one slot and the card was returned and some sort of error message was displayed on a panel in the center of the machine. Then this lady walked up next to my, placed a small bag of what looked like spices into one of the tray, the machine made some noises and I don’t recall if money was spit out but the woman took her bag of spices and left, apparently satisfied that the transaction was completed.

I was getting frustrated and said to Art “we are going to miss the movie unless we can find a working bank machine”. Art was then standing at the top of some stairs near a set of large glass doors heading outside. He was gesturing to me “this way” but I recall thinking that I doubted he was headed the “right way” but I followed him outside anyway. When I got outside Art was way off to my right, approaching a chain link fence which seemed to surround a construction zone. I was feeling more doubtful Art was leading us to a bank machine but I followed anyway. In fact I think I started to jog and had something in my right hand, and a $20.00 bill in my left hand. As I came up to the chain link fence and walked along one side, I came to an opening on my right with a road heading up a short hill, some debris, possibly construction debris, along both sides of this gravel road. The road then came to a t-section with another road going from right to left and there was a white van at the intersection and I could see the actor Vince Vaughn standing at the back of the van talking to Art. For some reason I “knew” I had had some previous altercation or disagreement with Vince Vaughn and started to shout expletives at him ” you’re an asshole” or something to that effect. There was also another darker van on the road heading up to the intersection where Vince Vaughn and the white van was, and I think it was another actor and he was “with” Vince Vaughn. I Don’t recall what Art was saying to Vince Vaughn but he and his “partner” then got into their respective vans and drove off. Suddenly Art was getting into another van that was leaning to one side in the pile of construction debris on the right side of the road and it took a few tries, but he managed to drive out to the road ahead, turn around to the left and headed back down the gravel road towards me to pick me up. I then woke up 2 minutes before my alarm went off.