All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.
(Edgar Allan Poe)

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”
(Sigmund Freud)

Earlier in this dream I had been loading two horses onto a trailer and then getting it all secured to my old 1979 Bronco – the best 4×4 I ever had. I don’t know whose horses they were but one of them looked a great deal like Sable, the spirited Arabian that took three years before Dianne let me ride – and what a ride that was in Golden Ears park! Anyway  after getting the horse trailer attached to the truck, I was then driving to what I think was a gas station to fill up the truck and while I was there this young attractive woman of about 30, (I don’t know if I knew her or not) took one look at my truck and just really wanted to take it out for a ride. For whatever reason I said sure and so she was off in my Bronco and pulling the trailer with the two horses.

When the woman got back I could not believe my eyes! The rear axle, a Ford 9″, was clearly busted, the leafs were flat on one side, one of the 40″ TSL Boggers had been replaced with a much smaller, almost “normal” sized tired. Same thing on the front and so both 40″ TSL Boggers on the left side had been replaced with smaller “normal” sized tires so the truck was leaning drastically to the left. Also, the front axle, a custom built Dana 60 1-ton, was broken as well and the small front left tire was wobbling and about to come right off. There were dents on all the fenders on the left side but I don’t seem to recall seeing the horse trailer. It may have still been attached but the shock I was feeling at the sight of my damaged truck likely had me focused on one thing – my SMASHED UP TRUCK!.

When I walked up to the women as she was getting out of my truck I was just beside myself and with huge emotion, sort of a cross between anger and crying, I asked “what did you do to my truck!“. Her response was what set the tone for this dream. She was almost entirely indifferent, a bit aloof and did not even stop walking as she went past me and just said something along the lines of “just file a claim against me if you have to” while gesturing with her hand as she walked away, sort of flipping me off.

1979 Bronco - Johnny Stork
My 1979 Ford Bronco

The rest of this dream was a succession of me running into different people and asking them all the same question. “How could someone do something like this – Just take someone’s truck, smash it all up and then not even care the least about taking any responsibility for what they did? There were at least three different people I came across and each time I would explain what happened and then try to understand how someone could have done such a thing. How someone could be so disconnected, so unconcerned for the feelings or property of someone who was nice enough to let them take their truck, their pride and joy, out for a spin.

It has been a long time since I had anything like a recurring or persistent theme in dream so this one caught my attention. The theme was so clear as I kept trying to understand how someone could so easily, without remorse, take advantage of someone, damage their property and then not act in the least bit concerned or accept any responsibility at all. Anyway, it was also nice to see my truck again.