The reward of a thing well done is having done it.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” (Pearl S. Buck)

We owners here at Marina Estates in Squamish, have had to deal with our fair-share of negligent strata councils, incompetent property management, building envelop repairs, huge levies and a great deal of inconvenience these past few years. Shortly after we completed our multi-million dollar building envelop repairs, owners with top-floor units also had to deal with their ceilings getting ripped out, sprinkler lines re-insulated, ceiling drywall repairs, spraying texture and then of course some painting. There is simply no way that amount of cutting, insulating, drywall repairs, sanding, spaying and painting can be done without some degree of dust, disruption and inconvenience. As someone who lives with obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), disruptions to my environment can be VERY challenging and anxiety-provoking and so I was not looking forward to this work – unless of course you happen to have the good fortune of utilizing an EXCEPTIONAL contractor and site foreman – Ian Morrison from On-Side Restorations!

Many of us have had the misfortune of dealing with less-than-professional or incompetent contractors and service providers – see the posts on this blog about Dynamic Property Management and Sea to Sky Fire Prevention. Those of us who have dealt with shoddy contractors or service providers have experienced poor quality of products/services, minimal effort, price gouging, irresponsible or unethical conduct or just plain sloppy workmanship and lack of consideration or respect for home owners. When you are paying out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for these sorts of repairs, you certain have the right to expect a quality job and at least some care and consideration due to the disruption in your living environment – your home.

This blog posting has been written to draw attention to something that really should not be as rare as it seems – exceptionally high-quality workmanship, incredibly diligent and thoughtful contractors and an attention to detail, care, cleanliness and accommodating owners to a level I have never seen before. From the very first time I met Ian Morrison from On-Side Restorations I felt I could put my complete trust and confidence in him and his crew. He was polite, respectful, genuinely concerned for ensuring we were minimally inconvenienced and went well beyond any contractor I have ever met to to ensure the highest quality of work and that our house remained clean. Both my partner and I were also at home during some of the work and witnessed first-hand how Ian respectfully communicated with his team and the care he put into every aspect of the job. Given the nature of this work – ripping ceilings apart, removing and replacing drywall, sanding drywall mud, spraying ceiling textures and painting – it is almost impossible to believe how they managed to keep the place so clean and do such an exceptional job. We also have a home with custom colors on all walls and a great deal of art, paintings, carvings and an obsessive amount of electronics in every room. Not only did Ian and his crew go to incredible lengths to ensure everything was protected, covered or removed, they even put some of our things in storage and re-hung much of the art-work when they were done – and BANG-ON STRAIGHT I might add! I have never been more impressed by or witnessed such an exceptionally high quality of work, combined with the personable, respectful and courteous treatment from a contractor, as I have with Ian from On-Side Restorations.

I do not ever give false praise and am quick to draw attention to poor workmanship, mediocrity, incompetence or negligent contractors or service providers, especially when the money is coming out of my pockets. This is why I am so pleased to provide this unconditional and glowing recommendation for On-Side Restoration and Ian Morrison in particular. It has been a total pleasure to have Ian and his crew in our home and to experience first-hand their exceptional high quality of work, respectful and courteous communications with my partner and I and the incredible lengths they went to in accommodating our needs and highly sensitive (and customized) environment. Thank you On-Side, thank you Ian and your crew for a exceptional job and the care and thoughtfulness you demonstrated while working in our home. You have set a new standard for how contractors SHOULD work and conduct themselves and it has been an honor to have you work in our home. I can’t say enough good things about Ian and the work he and his crew performed from On-Side Restorations – THANKS 🙂